The persuasive essay

Persuasive Essay is a short commentary that is designed to persuade your audience.  It is an article that communicates your position in a persuasive manner and is used to demonstrate your writing skills to show your understanding on a topic.  In the real world, a persuasive essay works as a sales letter, a job application or a presentation to a group of people. It is constructed using the following:

1.  Title

The title is straightforward while you can be a little descriptive and give your reader a brief overview of what you are discussing.

2.  Thesis Statement

This is a statement that tells the purpose of writing. Make your thesis statement a little controversial in order to emotionally involve your audience, but if you take the extremist point of view, you might risk alienating your readers. Advertising headlines are a great example of a good thesis statement that captures attention.

3.  Supporting Paragraphs

A persuasive essay normally has a minimum of three supporting paragraphs each starting with a statement that supports your main thesis.  Back up the statement with facts or testimonials from well known sources as it forms your argument and allows you to act as an authority on the subject. A fact is not debatable and the statement that you are making is an emotional interpretation of the facts to persuade readers.

4.  Conclusion

The last part is conclusion. If you make a mistake here, all your effort is down the drain.  The conclusion is the call to action which is to have your reader agree with you. Use your conclusion to remind the reader of your thesis statement and the supporting facts.