The art of persuasion in an essay

Every human requires the art of persuasion at some point in their life and it is the only method that can be pursued by an individual to achieve what he wants. Persuasion is a form of influencing, the process to guide people towards the adoption of an idea, attitude, or an action. It is a problem-solving strategy that relies on “appeals” rather than force”.


When you write an essay, you need to use persuasion to make people conform of the ideas that they present in the essay. To write a persuasive essay you need an argument that has to be one-sided and the other side is disregarded.  A persuasive essay never relates to the pros and cons of the topic but the general facts that relate to its factuality. You need to focus on your chosen side of the argument. This is neither a pros-and-cons essay nor a personal opinion essay. Be prepared to back up your logic with evidence that is collected in research that supports your position.

Persuasion requires technique as nobody would believe anything said by another until and unless he/she is persuaded to believe it. Persuasion can be done by following methods.


Evidence is required to support the claim made by the writer in the essay. The evidence cannot be a general statement but must be valid. Then persuasion needs to be sequential with one fact of the topic that leads to the other, as this would help his/her understanding of the topic as well as the claim.

Introduction of Controversial Issues

In the essay, the writer should bring forth a general introduction to the issues that is against the topic at hand which would lead to a negation of the controversial topic and help the reader conform the arguments as well as understand the whole topic.


We can hereby conclude that persuasion is an art that everyone use at some point in their life. Persuasion plays a major role in an essay that relates to a certain debatable argument. Persuasion requires techniques that have been mentioned above.