How to write a persuasive essay

To sit and write a persuasive essay can be a daunting process.  The theory is simple:

1.  Title
2.  Thesis
3.  Paragraph 1- supporting facts.
4.  Paragraph 2 – supporting facts.
5.  Paragraph 3 – supporting facts.
6.  Conclusion and summary with a call to action.

Free Writing

The reader doesn’t expect you to sit down and write a perfectly crafted prose on your first attempt. If you are staring at a blank page, try doing free writing.

Just relax and begin to write. Write whatever comes into your mind about a chosen topic.  Don’t stop to edit and don’t bother to create whole sentences or separate paragraphs if you don’t want to.  Just keep on writing.

You can set a time limit if you want and after your initial spurt of activity, go through whatever you have written to develop ideas. Your free writing might end up as being points to be developed further.  It might be in the form of complete paragraphs that you can use in your final composition.

Mind Maps

The second step to get started is a mind map.  This has helped people chunk down their problems for decades. Simply put a mind map that is a diagram linking ideas on a piece of paper which is a fantastic brainstorming tool. In the centre, write down the idea that you are trying to convince your audience about. You are trying to convince people by your thesis statement.  Each reason is the subject for your supporting paragraph. And each supporting paragraph has already some facts that you can use to create authority with your readers.